Below is a list of the Romans Asterix and Obelix Confront in their adventures:

Gracchus ArmisurplusEdit

The Centurion in Command of Compendium in Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix and the Banquet. His name changes slightly over the two albums.[[hhgggg ]]


A drunk legionary seen in both Asterix and Caesars Gift and Asterix and the Actress.

Caius FatiousEdit

The Greedy Gladiator Trainer in Asterix the Gladiator. He is mensioned in Asterix and the Banquet.
Crismus bonus1

Crismus Bonus

Centurion IgnoramusEdit

The Centurion of Totorum Sent to Relieve Scroffulus and his brigade in Obelix and Co.

Crismus BonusEdit

Centurion in Command of Compendium and he is also so fat


A big, strong, thick headed Legionary who uses a club instead of a Pilum in Asterix and the Roman Agent.


A Legionary who is unlucky enough to be hit in the head by a Flying Cauldron. Features in Asterix and the Big Fight (Album and Film) and Operation Getifix.


Is in Asterix in Spain and talks with a lisp after Being punched in the mouth by his comander in cheif who has stolen Asterix's Potion.


The Roman Agent sent to turn the Gauls against each other. is in Asterix and the Roman Agent.

Dubios StatusEdit

On of the Centurions in charge of the 1st Legion, 3rd Cohort, 2nd Maniple, 1st Century. Features in Asterix the Legionary.

Nefarious PurpusEdit

Other Centurion in charge of 1st Legion, 3rd Cohort, 2nd Maniple, 1st Century.

Pontius PriateEdit

Roman Govoner of Judaea who features in Asterix and the Black Gold. ===Centurion Hippopotomus is a good dude

Dubbleosix (006)Edit

The Secret Agent in Asterix and the Black Gold. He tries his best to foil the plans of Asterix and Obelix's mission to return with Rock Oil, the vital ingredient in the Magic Potion.

Tax CollecterEdit

Collects the tax from Whosmoralsarelastix village in Asterix and the Cauldron.

Centurion PolyanthusEdit

The Centurion in Asterix and the Falling Sky. Recieves a rather nasty treatment from the Nagma.


Head of the Roman Spy agency M.I. VI (MI6). Is feed to the flies in the Circus!