It is the year 1 AD, and all of the well loved Asterix characters have aged significantly, asterix even has childeren. Then, Rene Goscinny shows up and says it is

200px-Asterix and Obelix's Birthday
Asterix and Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book


Asterix, Obelix, Vitalstatistix, Impedimenta, Getafix, Druid Valueaddedtax, Prolix (Soothsayer), Squaronthehythes, Cleopatra, Fulliautomatix, Cacofonix, Geriatrix, Mrs Geriatrix, Panacea, Edifis, Zaza (Influenza), Dogmatix, Pirates (Redbeard, Pegleg, Baba), Other Gauls, Other Friends from Adventures, Rene Goscinny, Unhygenix, Ekonomikrisis, Laurensolivus.


Julius Caesar, 4 Roman Centurions.

Book Number: #34
Preceeded By: Asterix and the Falling Sky
Writen By: Albert Uderzo
Illustrated By: Albert Uderzo
Settings: Gaulish Village, Aquarium, Asterix and Obelix Theme Park, Asterix and Obelix Museum, Cleopatra's Barge, Egypt (Breifly), Pirate Ship (Breifly)
Main Languges: French, English

funny that he has aged them all. Obelix gets angry and says "AND HE THINKS IT'S FUNNY" before hitting Goscinny. The story then restarts in the forest in the year 50 BC, and you can see Goscinny hobbling away in the distance. Back at the village, the Gauls and their friends discuss birthday presents for Asterix and Obelix. Mrs Geriatrix, some new fashions for Obelix, The Pirates, Panacea and Edifis send letters, although Panacea also comes to the village too, Cacofonix sows off the cover slabs for his new songs that he is going to give the heroes, Laurensolivus makes a theatre performance about them, Valueaddedtax invents some new Potions, Squareonthehythes makes and Asterix theme park, and the Soothsayer, an art Museum. During this, the village woman discuss Asterix and Obelix's love lives.

Then, we go to Cleopatra's Barge, where the Egyptian Queen is furious at Julius Caesar because of the fact he refuses to go to the celebrations or send a present. J.C agrees, but send his Centurions to the village to give them Asterix's present. It is a jar of wine that has been replaced by Ricin Oil. The Centurions drink it after being tricked into it by Getafix. the last page shows all of the people Asterix and Obelix have Befriended and Fought against (except Brutus among other Romans, Pompey, Toon, the Superclones and the Nagma.


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